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Sue Davies MBACP

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Life Coaching

I see many people who want to change their present experience of life. Their own personal development is important to them and they come to me for Life Coaching.

Clients want to move on from their current job, re-think their career choice or look at relationships that are not working. Sometimes they regret past decisions and don't know how to motivate themselves to get out of a perceived 'rut'.

When you have 'over thought' an issue that is troublesome, there are mindfulness exercises that can help to bring clarity and cast aside the unimportant. Looking at present behaviours, that are not beneficial but have become hiabitual, are reframed with behavioural therapy. Whatever the issue, I offer confidential life coaching in Surbiton, Surrey.

"Sue helped me through an extremely hard time of my life when I could not see my own way through, she enabled me to sort out what was important to and for me. I am a different person because of the work I have done with her, I think a better, more honest person, with myself and with others. I would highly recommend Sue, she is also a wonderful, warm person and I am so glad I went through this time with her on my team."

I offer counselling and life coaching in Surbiton, Surrey within easy reach of Kingston,
Richmond, Sutton, Esher and London.