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Sue Davies MBACP

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Sue helped me through an extremely hard time of my life when I could not see my own way through, she enabled me to sort out what was important to and for me. I am a different person because of the work I have done with her, I think a better, more honest person, with myself and with others. I would highly recommend Sue, as a counsellor or a coach, she is also a wonderful, warm person and I am so glad I went through this time with her on my team.
My block was communication; how I felt and reacted to my everyday world, a drive to work, my work place itself, my home life all presented situations I did not know how to handle better than to scream or to fester feelings which made me feel bad. I now look at my world in a different way. I think about my feelings - thank you Sue.
Having suffered from depression and problematic relationships for years, a friend recommended I see Sue. I had no idea what to expect or what I would gain, but al I can say is that my life has changed completely. I have a new faith and trust within myself and can now make decisions which previously baffled me. The result of this work is that I am now attracting positive situations and people in my life. I believe that this is something everyone should experience and will continue to recommend Sue to as many people as possible.
Development Manager
I had recently recovered from ME and was experiencing difficulties with my family, relationships and a career change. I was able to release a lot of anger, pain, anguish, uncertainty and unhappiness. I am now more at peace and able to make the right decisions for myself.
I offer counselling and life coaching in Surbiton, Surrey within easy reach of Kingston,
Richmond, Sutton, Esher and London.