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Sue Davies MBACP

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Confidential Counselling, Life Coaching and Counselling Supervisor in Surbiton, Surrey


Welcome to my website. My name is Sue Davies and I am a Qualified Counsellor and Life Coach.

Looking for help can be particularly daunting when life is difficult. At these times it is helpful to be able to discuss feelings, emotions and what is happening, knowing that you are being heard in confidence with no judgements.

Everyone has their own unique experiences. I am committed to work with people so that they can understand their own unique life. I provide a safe space in which we can explore the issues and experiences that are causing you distress.

Counselling and coaching are talking therapies and recent research has indicated that they are immensely effective. To feel fulfilled and be able to withstand the trauma's that life often brings, we need to have a place to review our deepest hurts in a safe place. I am experienced in dealing with a wide range of issues.

"I wanted to drop you a note to say thank you.  You’ve helped me in so many ways and the time you have taken to understand me and the empathy you show me is phenomenal.  I have never experienced this before and I feel blessed."

You may be experiencing anxiety, panic or depression facing a life change such as redundancy, lack of opportunity, living with bereavement. There may be relationship problems, family issues or trying to increase your self esteem to attain your true potential. These are all things that you do not have to face on your own.
I offer counselling and life coaching in Surbiton, Surrey within easy reach of Kingston,
Richmond, Sutton, Esher and London.